Work-life Series

Helping employees understand their benefits

BrownRichards & Associates, a pioneer in the work-life field, realized that they needed to create a unified look and feel for their documents and to update several that sorely needed a fresh approach.

We rolled up our sleeves and reviewed their entire library of documents. Working our way through brochures, handbooks, forms, posters, and proposals, we created a cohesive look and feel, standardizing language and developing a clean, clear design.

Here’s a look at part of the library we created.

BrownRichards & Associates

Your College Guide: Working Through the Application Process is a handy reference for students who are preparing for college and their parents. The booklet gives readers a clear path through daunting preparation and application process.

Meant to be one of the first resources that high schoolers read when they begin to think about college, the guide includes tips on working with guidance counselors, dealing with educational consultants, making a college list, and tackling the application. It also has helpful Internet sources and a glossary of college-related terms.

Your College Guide: Working Through the Application Process
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