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Here are a few success stories:


In a complex project, we created a ground-breaking series of easy-to-understand employer forms for the IRS. Working closely with IRS attorneys and staff members, we completely redesigned and rewrote a form that every employer throughout the country uses — some 6.6 million employers file Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, every quarter. Hailed as a significant improvement over other IRS forms and widely applauded by the professional community, the new form has been called:

“A welcome sight to many businesses, tax practitioners and payroll companies.… The form is easier to follow, and the instructions have been greatly improved. The improved format should help all business owners, but especially new business owners.… The form is much less confusing.… The redesigned form features an improved layout, plain language instructions, simplified deposit reporting and paid preparer identification. The form can also be scanned, which the IRS expects will reduce transcription errors.”

Winner of the Association of Professional Communication Consultants’ Excellence in Writing for Clients

The Bankruptcy Official Forms Modernization Project united judges, bankruptcy clerks, lawyers, trustees, information technology experts, and others in a collaborative effort to create an entire system of new, simplified federal bankruptcy forms.

In this project, we revamped, rewrote, and redesigned all official federal bankruptcy forms. The challenge: To use technology to make forms easier to complete and to make the data easier to access without compromising privacy or introducing complexity. Plus, all 60+ forms had to be legally accurate, adhere to the bankruptcy code and rules, and comply with any other legislation and policies that apply.

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2016 ClearMark Award Winner, Long Legal Documents ClearMark Award 2016 ABC/APCC Award, Excellence in Communication Consulting

NCAA Article

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was concerned about how well the Transfer Guide communicated with the wide range of readers. It’s the book that students, parents, coaches, and compliance officers go to learn the rules that govern transferring from one school to another.

After reviewing background materials, meeting with NCAA staff, conducting intensive interviews, and monitoring phone calls, our tasks became clear. We created an innovative guidebook that addressed readers' main concerns. We explained the rules and developed a cohesive design to make the guide attractive and easy to read.

As a result of our work, not only has the NCAA used our publication for years, but NCAA staff also used it to train temporary phone reps because it was more clear than the official rule books.

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