American Express Reaches Out to Communicate with Customers

In keeping with its goals of communicating more clearly with its customers, American Express came to us with two projects in mind.

First, together with the American Express project team, we tackled the task of creating a new Online Privacy Statement that people could easily read and understand. Seeing that the original statement was dense and complex, staff keenly recognized that with some dedicated effort, they could create a ground-breaking privacy statement that customers could understand.

American Express convened a team of marketing, privacy, customer service, and legal experts. To help staff visualize the process of communicating with customers, we mapped the key contact points that customers have with American Express and its partners. Doing so helped ensure that the team covered all of the important steps. Through a series of collaborative sessions, we completely rethought the content and developed a fresh, more concise online statement.

The final privacy statement is now online and is easier for customers to understand.

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