Simplify your information and customers and staff will thank you

Frustrated by bad documents from other organizations? Make sure that yours are not at fault, too.

Routine paperwork — complex but essential forms, notices, manuals, letters, and memos — all speak for you when you’re not there to speak for yourself. They create someone's first impression of you.

Is that the impression you want to bank on?

Clear communication has positive results

When you communicate clearly, you create a ripple effect of good will with your audiences — both inside and outside of your company.

Plus, you reap the benefits of having a positive image of an organization that cares about people.


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Power of Attorney for the ABA helps adults understand the process of planning for future healthcare decisions.

Power of Attorney for the ABA

NCAA’s Transfer Guide navigates complex rules when student athletes want to transfer from one school to another.

NCAA's Transfer Guide

Communicating Clearly with Our Customers, an original style guide for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana with tips, samples, and guidelines for creating effective publications, started a corporate-wide initiative to communicate clearly.

Communicating Clearly with Our Customers

The Kindergarten Registration form and packet guide parents through the school registration process. Kindergarten Registration Form

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